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Qualified veterans, active duty, guard, reserve and retired military members may request assistance through the Heroes Program. We cannot guarantee services to all who request our assistance, but we strive to assist those who qualify for the Heroes Program, and refer those who need assistance outside the scope of the Heroes Program.


Complete and submit the form below to request assistance.

Submit the necessary documents to show you qualify.

If you are active duty, an activated guard member, or an activated reservist, what is your pay grade?  Upload documentation of your pay grade by sending your most recent  leave and earnings statement (LES).

If you are a veteran, guard member, or reservist, send documentation of your total household income. Please upload to our secure Share File site a copy of your LES, paycheck stubs for all household members, VA award letters, Social Security Award letters or any other information which shows your household income.

If you are involved in  an active court case, the program coordinator will  need to know the county in which the case is filed and the case number.

Once your request form and information is received, it will be reviewed by the program coordinator. If you are eligible for the Heroes Program, the coordinator will work to find a volunteer lawyer to assist  you.

You can send your request form and any supporting documents electronically or by mailing them to the address below.

To mail your documents, please send to:
Oklahoma Lawyers for America's Heroes Program
Oklahoma Bar Association
Post Office Box 53036
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3036